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The Roads are Paved in Testosterone


Saudi Arabia’s population of 25.4 million contains fifty percent who are under 25.

Providing jobs for this fast-rising young native population is the main challenge facing the Kingdom. The education system is relatively underdeveloped and many nationals work in lower paying jobs as taxi drivers or security guards.

There is little for them to do socially and they face the added pressure of not being able to form friendships with the opposite gender. A build up of testosterone can be felt as you drive the streets of Riyadh and witness the risks some of these youth take behind the wheel.

Several times we have seen them hanging about in groups of 100 or so in parking lots or beside desert highways to watch others drive cars in the  game they call drifting. Drivers intentionally over-steer so as to lose traction and drift on the road  sideways whilst overtaking other vehicles including trucks. Sometimes the car drifts into the spectators or crashes into other vehicles.

Saudia  Arabia has the highest road toll in the world: incredibly, 82,000 people have been killed in the last twenty years. There is little in the way of community programs or public awareness campaigns and police oftentimes can do little when they are faced with  hundreds of youth.

Do they have a death wish?

See for yourself