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Here’s to Move Number Thirty ….??


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Of Pylons and Running Donkeys


Two weeks since my last post and for a very good reason: there is so much going on all around me here in Gurgaon,  Incredible !ndia.

Now Gurgaon is not like the India I have been used to visiting these last couple of decades and certainly North India varies from South India.

Most of my travels have been in the south where the crow is the first sound of the day but here in Gurgaon I am surrounded by mute pigeons who like to poo on my terraces. They’re also referred to as rats with wings  but I’m happy to say I haven’t seen one of those here but then again, I just remembered: we were in the Foreign Registry Office (FRO) having our visas flourished with resident status when a rat appeared on the shelf just above the clerk’s head and started gnawing on the archived paperwork there. Not unusual you might think for India, neither are the cows/sheep/dogs/pigs/camels/people that one must dodge on the road but how about a running donkey coming at you against the traffic at night? What made me laugh was Bill saying that it was running; he had to dodge a running donkey coming towards him. I was there folks and that donkey was in a hurry but I would not say it was running per se, perhaps it was a slight gallop or  even a trot but running?  I don’t think so, Bill.

Gurgaon is  infra structurally challenged. You got a pothole in the road? We can throw some tar on that. Roads here look like patchwork quilts of  bitumen and it seems there are so many cars/cows/sheep/dogs/pigs/camels/TRUCKS/rickshaws/bicycles/tractors/motorbikes using them that the authorities never get a chance to just fix up one whole stretch and make it pretty. The best car to drive in here is the one with fantastic suspension!

Adding to the eyesore is someone’s cockamamie decision to run the electric pylons down a major street called Golf Course Road.   Dubai doesn’t do that to  Sheikh Zayed Road or New York with Fifth Avenue and Gurgaon  has the potential to be a great city but it has been allowed to run a mock; as if the electricity personages said, we need more power in Sector 92-quick put up a pylon!  One sector of this city has had no street lighting for months because the local council hasn’t paid the electricity bill – that’s another story.. These pylons criss- cross and mar the landscape including those from my terrace here where on a clear day,

pylons crisscross gurgaon

pylons crisscross gurgaon

I can count 18 just in my line of view.  I would like to have the opportunity to tidy up the pylons but Bill says there is no way they will be moved in our lifetime. I often pass by one that is on a nature strip with its footings spilling onto a road that will soon be a major thoroughfare. Not unusual. Many, many things can be and will be found in the middle of the road in India and I for one am privileged to see it all first hand.