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I have to apologise to Julian the creator of

I just took the liberty of adding a tag line –  genuine friendly expat site to his logo and here is why:

Back in March 2010,  Bill was headhunted for a project in Riyadh and he left me to research the place. As you all know,  surfing the net sucks up hours of your life and many times leads to redundant websites, irrelevant advice or worse still – clickbait-that erroneous info you didn’t really need to know about or worse you need to pay money to get anything other than the crumbs. Thankfully I found (’s previous avatar) and it became my go-to place for advice. I became a member and quickly got chatting to other expats living in Saudi Arabia. I found Riyadh challenging and frightening sometimes (read my Riyadh posts here) and the contacts I made in the forum became friends I could trust. We had so many good times and so many laughs just chatting there.  It wasn’t as big as it is now and it was lovely to have Julian come into the forum now and then to keep us in line or add to the conversation. It was a difficult time and my disillusion grew when Bill was asked to not come back to the (Riyadh) office, while we were on holidays so I never got to see those friends again. I dropped out of the expat blog scene after that but returned in recent years so happy with where Julian has brought it to.

The site now has over a million members and is bigger and better and just as genuine and friendly as I left it.

If you are an expat you need to join Expat.  com



Lost in Paradise


IMAG0055.JPGIt’s Eid all around the Islamic world and I’ve taken a break from all things Arabian to immerse myself in the beauty and  culture of my parents homeland:Greece!

By some fluke of nature, I impulsively booked a hotel (sight unseen) at Psathopirgos in Patra. I needed a base before making a courtesy visit to my elderly aunt who lives inner city.

Psathopirgos is a mouthful and one of the prettiest seaside towns you will ever see. Every time I took a picture Bill would say that this must be the place where  postcards are photographed.


Peaceful Psathopyrgos