Here’s to Move Number Thirty ….??



Don’t you just love moving house?


Yet what choice do I have when I have not had a decent night’s rest in eight months.

When we moved to the 14th floor of Park View City here in Gurgaon, the agent failed to tell us that this apartment is situated on the NH8 (that’s the national highway folks). Have you ever wondered how all your fresh fruit and veg, newspaper and eggs get to you fresh daily? It is usually trucked from one place to another 24 hours a day and that is where the problem lay. My bed was within coo-ee of all those trucks plying their goods day and night. Now trucks and semis make enough noise just passing through town but it gets a whole lot noisier here when every trucker feels it is part of his job to blow his air horn at nothing in particular at all times of the day and night with total disregard for residential areas. Now these air horns don’t just go ‘honk, honk’, no, they are those confounded contraptions that play something akin to the latest Bollywood soundtrack.

Being so high seemed to only magnify the sound and I discovered my penthouse was also a haven for pigeons and their poo. Soon I became a hostage in my own apartment with every terrace being taken over by these furry ferals.

When a colleague of Bill’s decided to move out of his park facing villa, we decided to move in.

It has been two weeks since we arrived in Nirvana Country (serious, that’s the name of the estate here). Each morning we wake up to the sound of nothing louder then our sleep inducing air conditioner. Our new pillow top mattress and quiet surroundings might have made it harder to get out of bed but each day I look forward to flinging open the curtains and seeing this:


instead of this:


and this:


The park is beautifully maintained with flowering trees of red or white and a large lawn where children play. Birds chirp and squirrels play among the leaves. Altogether heavenly.

Come to where the quiet is…

Come to Nirvana Country.



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