I’m baaaack!



OK, so what has been been happening here in extra sunny Gurgaon?

It’s now 42+ C and the cold water is too hot to shower under so I happily bathe by splashing water out of a big bucket. The water comes from tanks on the roof  that get heated by the sun by day and never get a chance to cool by night. I fill half a bucket with the hot water that flows out of the cold tap and let it sit for the next day’s ablutions. Using this method, I have to add chlorine to it as any water left sitting around develops slime. Ugly but true.The beauty of the splash method of bathing is that you can be a big kid and make a big mess and it all dries up in minutes. The flip side is that India has some lovely spicy smelling ayurvedic soaps and an abundance of coconut oil to make your hair shiny.

This leads me to share with you the joys of getting a manicure and pedicure – combined for under $10. All beauty treatments are very affordable to expats and if you are that way inclined you can spend most of every week in the local salon – head massage, body massage, foot spas,  facials, body scrubs, shampoo and blow waves, oh, somebody stop me!

As for me, I try to limit myself  to once a month lest  I become a hedonist.

We had a major storm the other day with cracking thunder and wind gusts of 140km per hour. The force of the wind made the rain run horizontal at least that is how it looked to me. I opened the  front door leading to the elevator foyer and that blew out the heavy framed doors leading to my terrace!  The glass didn’t break but I had to literally tie the doors shut.

Apart from some debris on the terrace and water in the apartment I was relieved to find out it had broken the 92% humidity and the temperature dropped by 14 degrees to a comfortable 30C.

This is just the beginning, the monsoon is still weeks away.

One major joy of being here is eating a mango every day (is that bordering on hedonism?)  Alphonse, the king of mangoes are three times the cost of your average mango but I have not found a mango I did not enjoy. I love all fruit and the ability to buy fresh farm produce straight off the carts parked on the side of the road. Thirsty? How about a fresh coconut juice straight out of the shell. Ever tried sugar cane juice? That’s freshly crushed and delivered to your car window. Water melons, musk melons, peaches and lychees are all there to savour.

Need  a new broom or brush? Just further along the road you will find another cart filled with handy essentials. There are veggie carts and samosa sellers, bottled drinks and ice cream peddlers. Why it’s a veritable festival of feasts and fancies out here in the streets of Gurgaon.

I may think of Gurgaon as a one-cow town (sorry, horse)  but frankly I love the extra ordinariness here.


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  1. Splash-baths?!?!? Sounds like a wild existence! Those storms would terrify me & I live in SW Florida.
    Also fans of tropical fruit, we have an Alphonse mango tree that fruited for the 1st time this year! You’re so right—they’re lovely & we’re proud to have a tree of our own. Can’t wait to read your posts about Riyadh, my husband’s niece visited there recently from Cairo. She felt a bit oppressed & couldn’t wait to return to Cairo, where she can drive & teach & dress more freely. Be safe & don’t melt!


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