Pay Six Months in Advance and Receive Zilch Zippo Nudda


Incredulous India!

How many countries do you know where you can approach their  No. 1 internet provider and get this kind of  deal?

Prior to Christmas Bill walked into Airtel – India’s largest internet provider – and signed up for broadband to the apartment AND paid six months fees in advance.

Kumar the friendly customer rep gave Bill his mobile number for any further assistance and told him a modem would soon be delivered to us.

Sure enough, right on Christmas Day (it’s just another work day here) a guy arrives  at the door to set up our modem. He informs us that our password for the connection will be available in three days .

On the 29th, having not received the said password we make a further call and are told it will be delayed another three days.
Bill turns to me and asks,

How hard can it be to issue a password?

A week goes by without a password: time to call friendly rep Kumar.
Sorry sir, I cannot help you I am back in my village, laments Kumar.

This is common too.

Any given week Bill will go into a meeting and ask where so-and-so is and the standard reply is,

Oh, they had to go back to the village.
Now after another week goes by,  Bill  calls Kumar who does not answer his phone or even return the call. Remember, we are dealing with India’s largest broadband provider who outsource their broadband connections to the Kumars of India.
A frustrated Bill contacts the general customer helpline and is told by the first operator that our wireless connection has been cancelled.
How can it be cancelled when I am applying for a NEW connection? retorts Bill (closely resembling Basil Fawlty talking through clenched teeth).
Exasperated he hangs up and redials to speak to customer service operator number  two, hoping they will set the record straight – only to be told the same.
Bill firmly requests to speak to a manager, muttering, I can’t believe this is happening.
Yes sir, it is true, apologises the manager.We have no available lines in your area and have thus cancelled your application.
And when were you going to inform me and refund my 8000 rupees? steams Bill.
Within 21 days, comes the reply.
May as well be 21 weeks or 21 years – there is nothing fixed in time here.
and yes thank you for the opportunity to express my  frustration.


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