Michelin Man Vs Gurgaon’s Homeless


Would you laugh if I told you I have resorted to wearing two dressing gowns  when sitting in the apartment? Just today, I confessed to Bill that I wear his over mine as soon as he leaves for work.
Bill and Ginnie have succeeded in being here for the coldest day in 44 years and we have not been prepared for the big freeze. I left  my winter clothes behind never contemplating it would get down to .4 C As it is, we sleep in pyjamas, on top of a fluffy blanket, covered by a doona/duvet, a ‘mink’ blanket and our dressing gowns. There are eight air conditioners in our place and not one of them is reverse cycle – and yes, they are called Hitachi and made in India. The marble floors exacerbate the chill which worsens at night. We  have a pathetic little bar heater  that you basically have to carry around the house to stay warm. Bill and I even visited  top end hotels looking for some comfort and they were just as cold as our place. The winter spell though bitter, is too short to invest in heating.  As you drive through the streets you see men huddled around fires they have started to keep warm, many are just burning rubbish and the smell overpowers you. All I keep thinking is if I am this cold in my place under all that bedding or wearing two dressing gowns and looking like the Michelin Man then how must the homeless person be faring?  I thought no longer, just bought a boot load of blankets and started handing them out to the street people. You have to be quick or you will quickly be swamped. The passerby wants one too even though he is dressed for the office. My church sent two men on a 1000km round trip to distribute blankets in the most affected region, Uttar Pradesh. 115 people have died from the cold (and counting). They say it wont last much longer than mid January  when we can expect  two weeks of Spring before the sun hits hard for the majority of the year. Till then I am going to stop looking like the Michelin Man and do something that warms my heart instead: see that more blankets get out to those left out in the cold.


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  1. A number of television and radio stations are organizing blanket drives for the homeless, if you want to join the effort. On your own, you don’t know whether your donations will be used or sold for cash by someone who already has many blankets.


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