Root Canals Suck Unless You are in India


Aroused from sleep by an almighty toothache I asked myself, how come these horrible things happen in the middle of the night? The pain was causing me to have heart twitches and if I had a pair of pliers or an ice skate (see the movie, Castaway) the tooth would  now be gone.  In May, in Australia, a rather brash, arrogant Collins Street dentist told me that for $60,000 he could do a good job on my teeth BUT if I wanted the very best then it would set me back a lazy $100,000.  Can you believe he justified it all by saying something so stupid as this: “Hey, some people drive around in a Toyota, others won’t settle for anything less than a Ferrari.


I coughed up $150 for his  inane advice (he didn’t even look in my mouth, just an x-ray I provided) and I  told him that dentists were down there with lawyers, charging exorbitant fees for essential services . The next day his nurse calls to say he is keen to get a start  on my teeth. The guy is deaf as well as arrogant and I simply say, tell your boss I am taking my teeth overseas.

Here I am in India with a tooth/headache of child-bearing pain proportions and I am desperate enough to walk  into the first clinic I find.

A pretty young lady greets me dressed in jeans and I yelp, help I am in pain! Come, let’s have a look, she replies,  I am Dr Simta.  Entering an ultra clean, modern room  I smile at a handsome young man – her dental assistant. It only gets better as she pampers me and soothes me and works on my revolting root. The process is seam less and painless and I find myself thinking weird thoughts such as, I can’t wait to return, she is so nice, definitely the nicest dentist I have ever had – and I have had more dentists than Zsa Zsa Gabor has had husbands.

My thoughts are interrupted as that handsome dental assistant who is also the receptionist (as you do ) hands me my appointment card and the BILL.

I can not bring myself to tell you how little I paid to have the best dental experience of my life but I want to tell every high-priced arrogant dentist in the world that your days are numbered and Mr Collins Street dentist you can shove your Ferrari up your root canal.

Cropped screenshot of Zsa Zsa Gabor from the t...

Darlink, sooo happy you found a good dentist but I never say no to Ferraris





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