India Calling


Back in July, Bill was cruising on a comfortable project planned to see him employed for the next 18 months. In one phone call the client cancels – he is not ready to spend  the $2.5 million needed for the fancy schmancy  family  home.

We use the break in work to escape the chilly, miserable Gisborne ghibli and head to Tweed Heads to thaw out with Anne, Bill’s mother. She and his sister Rachel are the only people in our family  sane enough to live year round in  climates warmer than Victoria’s. Rachel does it in style by living  in Malibu.

Two days into our two week holiday Bill receives an exciting phone call from one of his old Arabian workmates: to drop everything and  fly out to meet a prospective client in Abu Dhabi – in 48 hours.

Sadly we say hello/goodbye to Anne and fly home to await further instructions. It all gets rather complicated but Bill assures me he has a job in Abu Dhabi and so we standby, to hurry up and wait and  prepare our goodbyes.

Two more miserable months of grey skies and Gisborne’s ghibli blow by.

The phone rings.

Sorry, the Abu Dhabi projects are a fizzer – would you consider India instead?

Stay tuned.


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