Now What?



It has been nine weeks since we were tossed out of our expat life and came to the conclusion that we needed to redefine our priorities – for now. This has lead to Wallace getting a comfy job in Melbourne with all the ”rat race” necessities: two cars (hallelujah! I just love the freedom of driving!), mobiles, parking and toll fees and  re-registering to vote.

Most of my time has been spent unpacking boxes and finding little treasures I had forgotten about and making a home out of this house we built five years ago yet have never lived in as a couple – on our own.

The photos above are of my backyard here – a far cry from the desert of Arabia: bliss! And that’s me dangling out of a window in Gargaliani, Greece in 1958.

Continuing to write this blog has been on my mind and my absence from it has been because I keep asking myself, where to from here? What do I write about now that I am no longer an expat?  Then I think, well, I have lived in Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Indonesia; perhaps I can write about those adventures. There have also been a dozen trips to India, some great experiences in America, the UK, luscious Paris and of course, Greece!

Let me put it out there: what would you like to know?

Drop me a comment!



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    • Hmm, the Queen of the Procrastinators is being challenged by these comments. I guess you have provided me with a solution…
      How’s that song go from Sound of Music?….”Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start….”
      Yep, the feeling is mutual, my friend. I feel we were just getting to a nice place together..we’ll always have Riyadh xx


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