Where’s My Fountain Pen?


I’ve just spent 3 hours writing a blog that has disappeared into cyberspace.

It was written with one cup of coffee and NO breakfast..from 8am to 11 am when I could have stayed in bed with my husband on his day off!

It was completed and I was adding the tags before publishing it and it is gone…not saved as a draft, not to be found when I click back on previous pages, just gone! Three hours of my life extinguished!

All my posts are automatically saved but I tried a Quick Post this time and it saved zilch.

This whole computer thing – sitting in front of alap top is a conspiracy to wipe out whole fragments of my life.

It follows countless hours of trying to get software to work, waiting for downloads, figuring out how to configure this, or program that.

I am a writer, and I fell in love with words the day I first put pencil to paper as a five-year-old. There are reams of my writing yellowing in journals  that are more  than 30 years old. I can go to them, read them and pop them back on the bookshelf.

I am so close to telling the Internet and it’s paraphernalia of electronic equipment to get stuffed.

Now where’s my fountain pen?


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