Living out of a suitcase


The email arrived telling me I had 48 hours to pack and fly out to Riyadh.

Wallace had flown out six weeks earlier leaving me to sort out the house.

Initially I thought I would be following him within a couple of weeks but there were delays and complications with my visa.  Missing Wallace, I got into a funk of packing then unpacking  and wondering what to take. Afterall the contract had still to be signed and  so nothing was sounding completely positive. 

Each night I would go to sleep after moving the mountain of stuff I had on my bed for sorting. There were so many boxes in my room I needed to caterpault myself onto the bed… not a good look!

Back in 2008 we had been caught out by the global economic crisis. Wallace resigned from his job in the UAE to take up a posting in Mumbai that seemed promising. Sadly I had to pack up the lovely apartment we enjoyed living in  but I was also glad to be going to India.

 We  were holidaying in Thailand when the call came saying  the project was stalled and Wallace was not required in Mumbai (even though he had a signed contract!!)  Meanwhile our possessions were languishing on a UAE port ready for shipping to India. Eventually we got it all sent back home at great personal expense then wallowed in unemployment for six months there. 

With an unsigned contract in Riyadh and a 6 month visa I thought the best thing would be to turn up with just a suitcase.

With a 40 kilo limit I now realise I brought too many clothes and not enough homely things like framed family photos and knick-knacks. I forgot my Sennheiser headphones (for flights) and packed too much jewellry, there’s a jumbo jar of Vegemite still sitting on my bed at home and two books I brought with me that I don’t want to read!

So when packing, make a list and if you get into a funk like me, have a family member on standby to help you.

After several long months the contract was signed this week and I can look forward to having the rest of our gear shipped over.


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