Rock Monster


It was  just another trip to the mall for a dozen ladies bussed in from an outlying  compound recently.

Many welcomed the ride, escaping  the confines of their villas to come into the city to shop, to chat over a latte before returning home to tired school children or preparations for the evening meal.

What follows is an excerpt posted on the Riyadh forum of

‘The ladies were dropped off at the main entrance and as the bus left the ramp , an expensive four wheel drive stopped at the main entrance. A youth hung out of the sun roof of the vehicle and pelted the ladies with rocks (not small stones or pebbles … very large rocks). As they threw the rocks they kept shouting “Get out of Arabia!”. At least one of the ladies was hit badly with a great deal of blood streaming from her head and she fell to the floor. Whilst this was happening NOT ONE SINGLE person came to their assistance.

The car drove down the ramp with the women shouting for someone to stop them. Unfortunately they escaped but more  so because there was no attempt by security to stop the car. The incident did not last much more than about 15 seconds apparently, but enough to throw a large number of rocks.
The lady was on the floor and soaked in blood, and NO  mall security came to assist and call for a car to take her to hospital and no police were called. The compound bus had to return to take the lady to hospital for stitches. The only thing that was done by the security staff was to pick up all the rocks and throw water over the marble floor to clear the blood!’

As I said in an earlier blog, the roads here are paved in testosterone and the youth of Riyadh are sitting on a time bomb.

More later


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