Hello world!


Landing in Riyadh in May, I can tell that this place lacks a sense of humour.

First impression is that  once you step into the street you belong to ‘us’.  

I arrived at the airport in one of those long black robes called an abaya and looking like Darth Vader’s mother-in-law. It hangs next to my hotel door and I am to slip it on every time I step outside.

Stepping outside I have to be accompanied by a male relative.

                                                                    (But what if you don’t have one available?)

I am not permitted to drive.

(The roads here are paved in testosterone)

I am posting anonymously as I am wary of letting the locals have another piece of me.

It’s against my nature to be anonymous but I don’t want to be deported like the silly woman here who Facebooked herself with a glass of wine in hand. It’s a dry country and that includes the weather.

You will need to know that I am married (let’s call him Wallace, shall we?) We have been in the Arabian region for a few years and Wallace is perched somewhere high in the organisational chart.

This blog is to help separate fact from fiction for all those interested in Riyadh

We will look at customs, business processes, the food and whatever else crops up unexpectedly…as no doubt it will!

I possess a  sense of humour and  love life’s adventures so be gentle with your comments as it may be possible that I will hit culture shock’s wall

Here goes……


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  1. hi my friend and aparently an old one of yours Tom Ridgeway sent me a link to your blog ,he said id find you inspiring and well he was right ,ive enjoyed reading about the snippets of your life in arabia, as a western women i cringe at the thought of women having less rights and having to cover completely and having rocks thrown at them (with no repercussion ),however was tempted by your lovely discriptions of the food available and your suggestion of a dinner party.
    you would have some wonderful tales to share at your dinner table with your food im sure ,many thanks wendy youl


    • The whole thing about covering up here is embedded in the culture amongst the women here..many have told me that they are comfortable with what they wear. They are more annoyed at not being able to drive!
      Throwing rocks at women is part of the evil that pervades society today.
      There is a Greek saying that, food is a celebration of life.
      Here’s to life!

      Thanks for stopping by.


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